Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York ★★★★★

"I'll have someone play me. To delve into the murky, cowardly depths of my lonely, fucked-up being."

This film has so much to say, in fact almost everything. It primarily speaks about life itself in the context of the inevitability of death. In ways about the passage of time; how it can fly so fast, yet be so long. It touches upon our relationships with other people, and how it is reflective of ourselves. Our hopes, fears, regrets, and ultimately, how we let these things control so much of our lives. It's a movie that makes me want to say so much, but yet here I am speechless. Weird how a movie that I barely even understand can even have such a profound impact after just one viewing.

Even if I don't understand everything that is being told, I can say without a doubt that this movie would be nothing without the perfect performance from the late, Phillip Seymor Hoffman. What he brings to this character is beyond what can be asked for in a movie, and I feel lucky to have witnessed it.

Maybe I'm thinking too much into it, but what more could I possibly ask for from a movie? Synecdoche, New York isn't for everyone, but it's certainly for me. I will say that even if this isn't for everyone, everyone should still watch it. Thank you, Charlie Kaufman, for being brilliant.

Sorry if this was more of a diary entry than a review, just had to type it out.

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