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  • Some Freaks

    Some Freaks


    High school and college are usually NOT my favourite places to see a film set. But, when the material and the cast are so damn wonderful, the way those scenes play out can truly stand apart for their painful honesty, and the humanity brought to the project. Ian MacAllister McDonald has written and directed a true gem of a debut feature here, one I hope every youngster (and older person far beyond their teens) gets to see. The main roles…

  • She's Allergic to Cats

    She's Allergic to Cats


    Since 'weird' will certainly be the single most common word used to describe She's, then let, in the words of Hunter S. Thompson, the weird turn pro. Imagine, if several video formats all decided to get rip roaring out of their mechanical brains on technical LSD at the same time... then you might come up with something far out like She's Allergic to Cats. A low fidelity with a pure at heart cinema reason to be experience, one not without…

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  • Auto Focus

    Auto Focus


    The beginnings of home video equipment's presence in the USA, and the increasingly brazen activities of North Americans during the sexual revolution as well, are enormous parts of Bob Crane's story. Once upon a time, the Los Angeles based radio DJ rose to international fame as a television star with Hogan's Heroes. Crane also had ambitions to become a respected character actor on the big screen. But then he experienced a downfall after his show went off the air in…

  • Enemy


    I've seen haiku used for reviews before, and always wanted to try, but now finally have the right film to warrant an attempt.

    Keys, freeze-frame, eight legs/mysteries, not always solved/enemyself, I...

    Trust me, just watch it. Jake Gyllenhaal really is the right star to carry such a difficult assignment. His performance joins the other terrific high wire acting feats of dual roles which separate the adults from the kids when it comes time to take risks onscreen. ENEMY gets under your skin like few other films in recent years. Extra credit for the song by The Walker Brothers.