Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo ★★

I grew up watching crime documentaries with my parents since I was a young child. Horror movies weren’t allowed, but I guess if it’s real blood and real murder it’s okay to see?? Anyway, so because of this, documentary style horror has latched onto a particularly unnerving place in my psyche.

Lake Mungo has a brilliant set up. The acting was so amazing that it actually felt like a documentary to me. But once it gets to the paranormal aspects, well... ghosts in a documentary style format is never going to feel realistic to me. Which is fine, but it takes away from the realness that was built up at the beginning.

Many of the scenes also felt repetitive. After the fifth “so we decided to set up a camera here to see what it would catch” you get pretty bored of it. And the constant slow zoom-in toward a blurry ghost. Like yeah we get it, we saw this exact shot 50 times now. The ending is also really lacklustre; it felt like it was trying to be deeper than it actually was.

So ultimately I think this movie is really overhyped. I wish this wasn’t recommended to me so strongly, and then maybe I would appreciate it more. It’s a good film about the horror of grief and loss, but I would try not to go into the film with high expectations.

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