Carol ★★★★★

This was my second most anticipated movie of the year after that that little movie by Disney/Lucasfilms. It delivers, alright. The first thing that Carol does is suck you into the nostalgia-tinged atmosphere of the early 1950s in New York. Even if you end up disappointed by the movie, you're probably going to wish you could live in its world because it so beautiful and delicate. Of course, those were delicate times; you were marginalised for being different. Todd Haynes' works often address society's perception of gender, sexuality, and race during times when the human race wasn't so understanding.
The chemistry between Blanchett and Mara is uncomfortably amazing. It feels as though they have to tiptoe around eggshells when they're around each other but they do it so well that all you can do is sit there and marvel at the result of this beautiful collaboration. I didn't expect the to feel as Christmas-y as it did but I loved that about it. With Haynes' direction, the aforementioned performances (including Sarah Paulson and Kyle Chandler), Edward Lachman's beautiful 16mm photography, and Carter Burwell's lovely score, you've got a sad but beautiful masterwork. One of the year's finest.

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