Pierrot le Fou

Pierrot le Fou ★★★★½

As it stands, the vast majority of my Godard experience has been a 60's one. The only post-60s film of his that I've seen is his co-directed Tout va bien. In fact, that was the first Godard I saw. That film was, for lack a better word, a serious one. Serious, at least compared to his earlier stuff. While, I appreciate "serious", Tout va bien wasn't my cup of tea. What I love about Pierrot le Fou and his other works at the time is the playfulness of the movies themselves. Even though numerous references are made to "serious" social subjects, like Vietnam, you've got this ingenious, fun visual depiction of the war, using lit matchsticks, and Anna Karina in yellowface. You've got the gorgeous colours and the music. You've got Anna and Jean-Paul, for goodness sake! It's the kind of fun that I can dig.

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