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  • House of Hummingbird


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  • Under the Open Sky

    Under the Open Sky
















    咲人の評価: ★★★★★

  • Faat Kiné

    Faat Kiné


    Firstly, this film was so beautiful with regards to the colours. I couldn't stop loving their clothing, the ornaments and just everything giving it a pop of colour!

    Such a nice touch with the canvases on the wall too (of Nelson Mandela, Thomas Sankara, Kwame Nkrumah and Amilcar Cabral). It fit with both the beauty and the polticial tones of the film.

    It is the first feature film I have seen from Sembène. I was not aware of anything about…

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  • House of Hummingbird

    House of Hummingbird


    I watched the majority of this on the plane. However, I just finished it today.. months later 😅 Thankfully, it wasn't a hard film to fall back into at all, since it goes at a slow pace and is quite simple. In fact, for this reason, I think breaking it up worked well for me and made it more managable.

    Poor Eun-hee having to deal with her shitty brother, and win't shit folks all around her!

    I liked how this…

  • Fly Me to the Saitama

    Fly Me to the Saitama


    I was so surprised to see Gackt! I've never seen him act, but he gave what the people needed. I liked the cast in general though, to be honest. Everyone was nicely cast, I thought!

    This film was much more funnier and lighter than I anticipated. I didn't even realise what it was about until we started watching it. I was already somewhat aware of stereotypes between Saitama and Tokyo, as well as Chiba and Gunma thanks to the show…

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  • The Forest of Love

    The Forest of Love


    Hated the treatment / use of female characters in this film. It was like watching a weird old man's fantasies for what felt like a whole day. It was sooo long and dragged out.

    I have not seen much of his work, but it was obvious to me that he was inspired by himself. As narcissistic as the main focus of the film.

    Maybe that's also why he had so many uninteresting references to Romeo & Juliet.

    With that said, I…

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    Very visually stimulating. Gorgeous use of colours in this film. I liked the way they put comic book styles to film.

    I'm always loving films that express the importance of empowering and believing in each other. Having those who can support and empathise with you, as well as those who show love and care around you can allow us to thrive.

    When people, even those in our support network, share doubts it can be really disheartening. Even if they're trying…