Happy Together

Happy Together ★★★

Wong didn't persuade Leung to play the role; he tricked him. "He gave me a fake script," Leung laughs. "Originally my character wasn't gay - his father was. In my script, the father dies in Argentina and I go there and find out he had a lover, who is Leslie. So we go to Argentina and we spend six weeks learning Spanish and the tango. And after that, Kar-wai says, 'I think it would be much more interesting if your role is gay.' I was surprised, but not angry. We start shooting the next day-and the first scene is a love scene." (source).

I was looking up how the film was received regarding representation for the gay community in Hong Kong, and found articles that said he was tricked. I decided to find where he actually said that. So there you go for folks who saw that and weren't sure of the context either.

Kar-wai must've been unsure as to whether Leung would otherwise take this role. Err...

Getting back to it, I enjoyed the film.

As always, we see a tale of love, longing and loneliness from this director. One he is both familiar to and succeeds in expressing.

If someone asked me to cook when I was ill, I'd be using all my strength to instead give a ten minute speech on how I'm not gonna do that 😂

That knife scene was tense though. That would be terrifying.

Unfortunately, love doesn't always lead us to nice things.

However, I see love as the motion or motivation, that which binds. How that affects you and your relationship, I can't say. It may be used to feed, cloak or highlight your desire to be considerate, respectful, controlling, jealous, giving, taking...

Just gotta try and do what's healthiest for you. Considering what you require of a relationship outside of love can be helpful towards that goal.

Say No to Toxicity ✌🏾

& I didn't even recognise Chang Chen at first!!