Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

I feel very alone in my thoughts that this was a mediocre film. The art direction and cinematography was fantastic and makes it worth watching this movie. However there were notable drops in frame rate, of which I can't with any confidence say it was a stylistic choice. The sound design was well done, and the comedic timing and tone of the movie made it an absolute joy to watch. However I found the biggest problem with this movie was it's plot, which to me did not lack the depth this movie deserved. I also found that this movie used a, as I described, "I'm so self aware that this is stupid" thing as an excuse for it taking itself in no way serious to the point that it became a joke. I'm mainly talking about the idea that this movie had 3 characters who were entirely flat and jokes of characters, and were almost a mockery on such tropes commonly found in types of comics but were just that... a mockery. They was an exception with the noir Spider-Man, as I found him an absolute joy. And while the female lead was stunning and appeared to be a badass, I'm sorry but I saw no need for her to be in there other than the "we need a female" idea. I would of actually preferred if they took her out, and spent more time with the noir character and reserved the jokes and tropes for him. Even better, why don't we take the two mockery's out and make sure she get's further developed. Also, the obvious twist with the uncle being a bad guy, only for him to be killed moments later left me wondering why would they bother. It was so they could make the "we've all lost someone" approach. A lot of the plot was poorly done. And I hate to say that I was genuinely disappointed in the movie theater because I was really looking forward to this film. I truly feel that this movie was just made to show off and impress us with a truly amazing artstyle... but it fell flat in just about everything else.