The Wolverine

The Wolverine ★★★½

Re-watched in preparation for Logan.

Have only seen this once before like 2 years ago. Thought it was just okay the first time, I think it's alot better now. James Mangold's directing and how it's shot visually is pretty great which makes me even more excited for Logan where he'll hopeful have even more freedom to do what he wants and go all out. The train sequence is pretty great but besides that there are no really amazing action scenes, which is fine because the dialogue scenes and drama are pretty damn effective. It's just that some of the action seems tacked on and not character driven (especially near the end) and if they HAD to have action scenes they could have been better. The best part of the movie is Hugh Jackman as Logan and how the creative team really get his character. He is an anti-hero, one of the absolute best. Always angry, sarcastic, hurt, alone, brooding. He sometimes feels he should end his life of killing and being a walking weapon or wants people to leave him alone so he can live a normal life, but knows at the end of the day that he wants to help people because deep down he is a good person. This is why the movie is good, without that the movie wouldn't work. I didn't care much for the other characters besides Yukio but I feel we don't get enough screen time with her so I don't feel like we got to really know her or connect with her. I mean, this movie is called THE WOLVERINE so at least they got their title character right. None of them are bad, I just think with more memorable characters it would have made for a better and more memorable experience. Overall a good time! Really glad I re-watched it because I appreciated it a hell of alot more.