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  • Wave Sounds

    Wave Sounds

    Well... I wish I had that minute of my life back.

  • Jack


    I generally agree with Josiah's assessment and that this isn't deserving of the reputation it widely has. It's by no means a great work, not some misunderstood masterpiece, but there are moments in here that are deserving of praise and highlight an aspect to Coppola's filmmaking that is rarely showcased. What makes this work, if it does at all, it's because Coppola doesn't approach the material with condescension. He's very much slotting himself within a kind of genre that was…

  • Imaginary Light

    Imaginary Light

    A ghost story. Bodiless phantasms captured in reflections and refractions of light. A beautiful evocation of time and place, both haunted and empty.

  • Mother


    Matsuyama's greatest strength as a writer comes from his ability to imbue his melodramas with a sense of grounded realism, especially for the time he began working. When paired with the right director (Naruse), his writing was able to strike the balance between poetic romanticism and austerity. There can be a tendency when his work that, depending on who was directing, could favor the latter (I would site his early collaborations with Kobayashi). What's fascinating about this film in particular,…

  • Top Dog

    Top Dog

    This dog never hurt anyone.

  • The Pirate

    The Pirate

    The story of a woman realizing her role in the world is not one of a nobleman's wife, but that of a revolutionary. Burning down the palaces and to inspire the peoples of the world.

    (sidenote, I disagree with the "literal" ending sentiment of being a clown, no one should ever be a clown).

  • The Friends

    The Friends

    In America, kids go out and look for a dead body during the summer. In Japan, kids find a cranky neighbor and help clean up his yard.

  • The Traitor

    The Traitor

    When Bellocchio drops a banger you know it's gonna hit hard.

  • Ema


    An act of liberation. Releasing yourself from the constraints of what was your predetermined role.

    Not sure it all works but has some of the best stuff Larrain has done to date. It's messiness is a virtue here more than a demerit, chaotic to the point where ideas clash against one another in ways that unsettle the piece as a whole but results in moments of wonder unlike anything prior in Larrain's work.

  • Two


    A history of holes.

  • Malina


    Would make for an interesting double-bill with Naked Lunch

  • Extraction


    This is what one might call a shrug of a film.