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  • Lost in Translation
  • Past Lives
  • Bloodsport
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  • Bring It On: Cheer Or Die


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  • Bring It On: Cheer Or Die

    Bring It On: Cheer Or Die


    It was actually a great idea to continue the Girls United series with a teen slasher. Unfortunately, that was the end of the praise. Unfortunately, nothing was made of this great idea because there was neither money nor creativity available. Everything seems a bit off here. Despite numerous kills, there is virtually no on-screen violence, dance performances and audience reactions obviously never took place in the same room, there is an obvious denouement from the start and an unfortunately completely…

  • #No_Filter



    #No_Filter (what a shitty movie title) once again takes us into the world and abysses of influencers and mixes this theme with the horror and style of the hit Smile. What was a bit of a frown at the beginning wasn't so bad in the end. Even if a lot of it is just annoying, but that's down to the subject matter and the characters. That's what influencers bring with them, isn't it?

    The film is based on the director's…

Popular reviews

  • Halloween Ends

    Halloween Ends

    How to make Halloween Resurrection look good in 111 minutes.

  • Godzilla Minus One

    Godzilla Minus One


    Seen in Japanese in the legendary Toho Cinema in Tokyo as an IMAX version. What an experience. Both the movie and the cinema experience. How the people there simply manage not to make a sound for 100% of the entire movie. And how everyone, really everyone, in a packed movie theater remained seated without exception until the end of the credits. Beauty- and respectful. But the highlight was the incredible sound in the auditorium. I've never experienced anything like it.…