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  • The American Meme

    The American Meme


    "I sometimes feel like an object or a zoo animal" says the guy whose whole social media thing is photos of himself pouring champagne on butts of girls with "daddy issues" and whose handle is "slutwhisperer". Mmmkay.

    The parts with Paris Hilton and Matthew Felker were pretty interesting. The rest was generally old news: likes are addictive, social media makes you feel like shit, and Dane Cook. (Honestly why was Dane Cook in this? The only thing he's known for these days is having a teenage girlfriend.)

    All in all, for most part not worth watching. Nothing new or insightful was said.

  • Searching



    I'm not crying, you're crying! I really did not expect to end up moved by this.

    "Abby, I don't want to hang out with you."

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  • To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar

    To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar


    I need Miss Vida and Miss Noxeema to guide me through life.

    RuPaul crowning Vida/Patrick Swayze and Noxeema/Wesley Snipes? Iconic. (also, THAT DRESS! Rachel Tensions? #shedidTHAT)

    Miss Noxeema teaching those boys a lesson in how to treat women? Inspirational. (also #shedidTHAT)

    I thought that 'Road House' was my favourite Patrick Swayze film of all time. Today this changed.

    Miss Vida >>>>> Patrick ripping a man's throat out with his bare hands.

  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

    Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


    Three Billboards undeniably gives us two great central performances from McDormand and Rockwell. Unfortunately the remaining performances are often lacking, but mostly due to the writing. McDonagh is a great screenwriter. But Three Billboards is not a great script. He is simply not the man to tackle this type of story in this type of context.

    McDonagh's movies usually straddle the line between dark comedy/ridicule and ponderings over human experience, morality, guilt, and so on. They fall somewhere between bleak…