Southland Tales

Southland Tales ★★★½

Deepthroat 2. Pure celluloid insanity. I have no idea what was going on at any particular point, or how any of this got signed off on or made with so many big name actors and celebrities, but I love ridiculous auteurs gone insane and I kind of love this even while admitting it is a complete and utter mess in just about every conceivable way. Like Richard Kelly took everything he has ever thought about where the world is going and shoved it all in the vein hopes that some of it will narcissistically come true, and the amount of shit that feels relevant 14 years later feels scarily high. I think I understand what Kelly was going for, using his themes of self-loathing turned time travel by sheer human desire to erase all that has gone wrong in our lives continued from Donnie Darko, on a larger societal scale that he mixed into a Tom Wolfe-style story structure for LA and some fun Robocop social satire added in too, but at some point it got completely and utterly out of control. I have no idea what more the longer cut could add, but a part of me very much would like to find out.

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