Ping Pong the Animation

Ping Pong the Animation ★★★★★

Don't know how many times I've watched this now. Each time I return, it reinstates itself as one of the most essential, life-affirming pieces of media I've ever consumed. If you are troubled with the questions of why we humans strive, why we try at anything only to fail again and again, Ping Pong the Animation is essential viewing. The animation swims through your bloodstream, and at its most surreal moments it becomes entirely transcendent, extending its hand outward directly to yours. We've got so much more bubbling inside than it feels sometimes, and this series knows that better than most. The numbness has gone away, for a little while.

"Blood tastes like iron."

"Maybe there's no job I'm the only man for, but
Will I fade away without doing anything?"

"I just wanna feel good, whenever and however I can!"

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