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  • Lincoln



    Lincoln is one of finest motion pictures made ever. From a technical perspective, it's easily one of the best as everything is so beautifully crafted to make it look like the Civil War era. From an acting perspective, everyone here is trully great.

    My only problem with the movie is that it's so painfully boring. It was the equivalent to watching paint dry, I simply couldn't take it. I do understand that this movie is good, I do. And this…

  • Edward Scissorhands

    Edward Scissorhands


    Before he became a parody himself, Tim Burton was making smash hit after smash hit with a style that felt truly original. Never before has someone made Gothicka into a style that is consistently interesting and intriguing. From the moment he made Beetlejuice, Tim Burton was a director to look out for for his signature style of stripes and gothic imagery. Many filmmakers and critics have pondered as to which of his films really stand the test of time. Some…

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  • The Hunt

    The Hunt


    The Hunt is many things: Inflammatory, offensive, problematic, clever, funny, gory, but overall, it’s good. Really good, actually. Let me elaborate a bit with some context, as this movie needs some.

    The Hunt tells the story of a group of Right-Wing Republicans are dropped into the hunting grounds of top-tier, Left Wing, Liberal Elites. Now the Conservatives must band together and survive. It feels like it would fit perfectly in the world of The Hunger Games as some reality show…

  • Joker



    How does one start a review for a movie like this? A movie with so much praise, but at the same time, so much controversy.  It won a lot of awards, yes, but does it condone violence on people left and right? Should it win dozens more awards? Should it not? Is it a masterpiece or is it incel garbage that deserves no time of day? These are all valid questions, some more than others, and I have answers to…