Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★½

Honestly, I liked this one as much as Sunrise. I know some people have lots of problems with the ending, and I sort of understand where they are coming from, but I really don’t agree with them. I thought it was a beautiful ending for a beautiful trilogy. The entire third act was extremely devastating and still satisfying. This is also just extremely well written. This might not strictly be the best trilogy of all time, but it very well may be the best written trilogy of all time. The way the characters talk just feel so real. Like normal people, they fight, and like normal people, they often don’t mean any of it. I don’t know how to word it. It’s just a really well written film. I am deeply sad that I won’t get to see this characters on screen again. I don’t necessarily think there should be a fourth movie, but I definitely wouldn’t object. I’m just sad that it’s all over. Watching all three of these has been so much fun for me, and knowing that I won’t get to see Jesse and Selene again is pretty upsetting. These movies mean a lot to me.

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