Over the Garden Wall

Over the Garden Wall ★★★★

Over the Garden Wall is one of the most lovely things I’ve ever watched. It’s the perfect Fall show. I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes annual tradition that I watch this, because it’s super short and so enjoyable. It’s absolutely stunning in it’s visuals, and while I was less interested in some episodes than others, I was always on board with what was going on. Also, I can’t say I was totally emotionally invested in all the little subplots. It doesn’t really matter though, because I still loved it. I can’t wait to revisit this in the future. At only 10 episodes, it’s definitely one of the best things Cartoon Network has ever produced. If you wanted to watch this, but haven’t yet, I’d advise you to do so soon. Past Thanksgiving, it’s more Christmas than Fall, and that’s not when this is supposed to be watched. I should probably look into more of CN’s limited series*, because this was fantastic.

*(what is the plural of series?)

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