Stalker ★★★★

I didn’t know one was allowed to make such high concept sci-fi films back then. I tried so hard to concentrate, to stay connected to the film, but I had such a hard time following. In the grand scheme of things I understood what was going on, but felt like I was watching it through a fog, with a feeling of uncertainty constantly present. (Hey sorta like the uncertainty of traveling through the Zone !)

One thing I know for sure, the cinematography is immaculate. The framing and composition of every shot should be analyzed. The spectrum of colours utilized in different scenes, from the yellows of the beginning to the green of the Zone to the purple grey of the Room, this film is a thing of beauty.

I go to log this on lb and see nearly every on of my friends giving this a 5 or 4.5. I will have to revisit this before comfortably being able to do so myself. While I see it’s masterwork, this was a tough film to watch in one sitting and I don’t feel like I could just throw it on anytime. Perhaps on the rewatch I will be able to intake the film as a whole and appreciate it a tad more, bumping it up from an already impressive 4⭐️

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