Satantango ★★★★

What a grind that was.

This has got to be split up , otherwise you’ll go insane. 7 hours is a long time to be sitting and watching a film or show nonstop. Give yourself a break and split this one up in segments like a tv short. Other wise you’re pretty much “working a 7 hour shift”. I  split this up for far too long and went a few days without watching and gave myself breaks with other films, but it didn’t lose its affect on me. I was still right in the middle of this desolate world with these farmers.
While watching,  I knew I had to go into this with a much different though process. The long takes feel like vignettes. The whole film feels like a constant painting on the screen  with occasional subtitles. It’s wonderful to look at. As depressing as it is- it really is beautiful. But like I said , this could drive someone crazy. If you’re typically not  up for long melancholic takes and a slow moving giant of a film, then this probably isn’t for you. But , maybe try throwing it on just to experience some of its beauty. Because it really is the definition of a behemoth. And i feel as if people should be seeing what went into making it.  I really wish this could be ‘digested’ easier  , but when I think about the manpower that went into it and the art at hand, I tend to rethink my opinion. If this film were 2.5 hours at the very LEAST, would it stand out as magnificent ? I’m sure some of it would in its overall plot,  but the run time makes this movie what it is in a way. It has to depict the nature of this collective farm in the only way possible - in Tarr’s most outrageously genius scenario. The only other way I know how to describe the film , is that to me it’s  a conversation piece. 
“That 7 hour film huh?” Someone may say to you.
It’s intriguing and if you’re able to fully appreciate it, then you’ll know. You’ll be living in another world , with these characters , for quite some time.

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