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  • Padmaavat



    My first forgein movie watched in a forgein country

  • Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory

    Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory

    So this guy made a better version of Edison's camera that didn't weigh a billion pounds and didn't require electricity - it was hand crank and could be carried like a suitcase. it could also double as a projector so you could shoot, develop in a hotel room, and then project the film all on the same day.

    He used it to capture the world instead of having the world be mimicked in a studio. and tried to capture real…

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  • Caddyshack



    Bill Murray and Chevy Chase. Everything else: take it or leave it.

    It's charming as all heck, but not as hilarious as I had hoped.

  • Catwoman



    This movie is physical pain

    What happens when you have bad editing, sloppy script, and obbession with your own style, hoping that stylization will make up for lack of direction or reason for creative descisions. The cameras moves in random directions for no reason.

    Don't do things for no reason i guess - it doesnt make up for weak, lifeless, or unispired shit