Avatar: The Way of Water

Avatar: The Way of Water ★½

The other day I was walking through the gardens by Notre-Dame and saw approaching a man whose eyes caught something behind me, which I could not see: at once they lit up. If, at the same time as I saw the man, I had perceived the young woman and the child towards whom he now began running, the happy face of his would not have struck me; indeed I might not have noticed it.

So, my baby Sky Bison, flying little Bison, just chuffed with the world around you, like you're seeing it through your tiny little Bi-eyes for the very first time. Maybe you've just hatched from your little Bison egg; do Bison lay eggs? I don't know, who really knows, it's impossible to know. Look, I've just seen the Disney, James Cameron "boreathon" 'Avatar: The Way of Water', and although this Avatar has no Sky Bison -ordothey!- and as much as I'd like to think about you and me, Sky-son always and forever, and snuggling and smelling and massaging all over my body with my dreamwork Sky Bison I can't do that until I get through this review, so.

Here's some review.

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Wash my coat, but, liked these reviews