Pieces of a Woman

Pieces of a Woman ★★★★

I was really excited about this and it exceed my expectations. There is a lot of talk about this being oscar bait shit but I don't really get that. It's a really well presented, beautifully shot, emotional film.

Cinematography by Benjamin Loeb.

Grief is portrayed respectfully and realistically for the most part, Vanessa Kirby gives one of the best performances of the year without a doubt and Shia Lebeouf surprised me a lot. I haven't liked him since the "just do it" video and he was great in this. Benny Safdie is in this, he's great, and Ellen Burstyn gives her best performance since requiem for a dream.
I respect Kirby and Lebeouf for putting themselves in such a vulnerable position.

There are some issues I have despite loving most of what this movie has to offer. It was fairly predictable throughout which gave a few scenes a lot less impact than they would have had otherwise. There's a couple moments where the characters actions are outside the realm of believability and nearing the end a few scenes are dragged out for way too long.

You've probably heard but long takes are very prominent and are very impressive. They're extremely well choreographed and give all the actors a chance to shine.

As I mentioned, pieces of a woman is an emotional experience, there was one scene in particular I want to mention because it kind of moved me. The scene with Martha in the bathroom cubicle. It's short but gives all the information we need to know how hard the last few weeks have been for her and how they have emotionally and psychically affected her.

Overall pieces of a woman is one of the best films of 2020 that shows how vital presentation is. There are issues with this film that I might not be so forgiving of in a movie with worse presentation.

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