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  • mother!



    Maybe instead of this film being called "Mother!" it should be called, "Hey! Excuse me!"

    But in all seriousness, Mother! is certainly something. Never before have I seen such an ambitious idea brought to screen. Like seriously, it takes some serious guts to make a movie like Mother! all props to Aronofsky. Going into this film I had the weirdest expectations, I heard so many great things, I heard so many negative things. From nearly all negative reviews I heard…

  • It



    IT was certainly a unique experience at the theater. One I haven't experienced with a horror movie in some time. Rather, I can't remember the last time I 1. went to a horror movie on a thursday premiere and 2. saw a horror movie with a full audience. On those 2 reasons alone made this an interesting experience. But other than the environment I was in while watching this, this is without a doubt one of the better horror movies…

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  • Dunkirk



    Christopher Nolan's latest film is also one of his most intriguing of recent times. For a film with small bits dialogue, and little to no character development, Dunkirk is truly something different from Nolan.. And other war movies for that matter. I wouldn't put this at the top of ranks in war films, not even close. But, the action was intense, it really filled you with anxiety. The sound mix was incredibly loud, and coming from a lover of sound…

  • The Emoji Movie

    The Emoji Movie

    Hahahahahahha you gotta be fucking kidding me. Normally I like writing my reviews well, I like to think about what I type and put out there, but as to this film.. Since it couldn't even write a remotely decent film on a very very basic concept, without getting more than 1 laugh out of me, fuck it. Fuck this movie. I even went into it drunk, expecting to get some enjoyment out of it, did it help? Maybe? I couldn't…