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  • Nightcrawlers



    Nightcrawlers is a beautiful and terrifying documentary that follows Stephen McCoy as he seeks out and befriends people on the street in Boston during the early 2010s.

    Full review here: filmthreat.com/reviews/nightcrawlers/

  • The Reason I Jump

    The Reason I Jump


    The technique used to write, "The Reason I Jump" (2007) (Facilitated Communication), and the techniques used in this film (Rapid prompting method) have been labelled pseudoscience by a number of scientific institutions. While I have no issue with people believing in alternative medicine or practicing it, the fact that this film presents the techniques used in this film as scientific, with no mention of the controversy around its efficacy, is disingenuous and manipulative, as well as potentially doing a ton…

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  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    I'm at a loss for words, in a good way. This is such a confident movie, where all the pieces fit together perfectly. However, the sound design was certainly the standout for me. This film will never win an award for it (due to the Oscar's preferring to give sound awards to the latest Musical/Biopic about a musician regardless of mixing or design quality) but it clearly is the standout of the year for it's incredible sonic prowess.

    It is…

  • Rhubarb



    A little pretentious with the name. It a cute little exercise in creating situations but it's not a story. The acting and dialogue was consistently cringe. Cinematography was cute but nothing special. The situations were pretty dull, the kid one had something to it with the unintentional existential questions (which was accurate), but the McDonald's one was just poorly directed.

    Also that sound mixing at the beginning was distractingly bad.