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  • I'm Still Here

    I'm Still Here


    'I pretended to be an arrogant psychopathic asshole for a year and all I got was this lousy film', is hopefully something that went through Joaquin's head when watching the finished cut. Essentially an incredible demo reel of Joaquin's acting ability, but a demo reel in which he assaults people, is manipulative and verbal abusive to the people around him (some of whom I am assuming don't know this is fake), and is generally just a piece of shit. This…

  • Bamboozled



    I would say it's like Putney Swope meets The Producers meets Phantom of the Paradise... but this is infinitely more edgy than any of those fucking movies. And, jesus, I thought Southland Tales was biting satire. I cannot fucking believe that this movie was made 20 years ago and did not blow peoples fucking minds. As for the movie, I love the style to shoot it like an actual television show, and the over the top melodramatic acting really worked…

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  • Nightcrawlers



    Nightcrawlers is a beautiful and terrifying documentary that follows Stephen McCoy as he seeks out and befriends people on the street in Boston during the early 2010s.

    Review for Film Threat: filmthreat.com/reviews/nightcrawlers/

  • Sun Stone

    Sun Stone


    Saw this with the other parts. Felt like just incredibly grating film jazz. A flurry of sound and visuals for 9 minutes with not point or purpose. Spectacle is fine but if your gonna make something uncomfortable to experience it really needs a point.

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  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    I'm at a loss for words, in a good way. This is such a confident movie, where all the pieces fit together perfectly. However, the sound design was certainly the standout for me. This film will never win an award for it (due to the Oscar's preferring to give sound awards to the latest Musical/Biopic about a musician regardless of mixing or design quality) but it clearly is the standout of the year for it's incredible sonic prowess.

    It is…

  • Rhubarb



    A little pretentious with the name. It a cute little exercise in creating situations but it's not a story. The acting and dialogue was consistently cringe. Cinematography was cute but nothing special. The situations were pretty dull, the kid one had something to it with the unintentional existential questions (which was accurate), but the McDonald's one was just poorly directed.

    Also that sound mixing at the beginning was distractingly bad.