Bamboozled ★★★★½

I would say it's like Putney Swope meets The Producers meets Phantom of the Paradise... but this is infinitely more edgy than any of those fucking movies. And, jesus, I thought Southland Tales was biting satire. I cannot fucking believe that this movie was made 20 years ago and did not blow peoples fucking minds. As for the movie, I love the style to shoot it like an actual television show, and the over the top melodramatic acting really worked to complete the satire.

As for the narrative, there are some major issues with the end, where the protagonist becomes a side character merely reacting to all the spiraling shit going on. He needed actions that developed and completed his character arc, which still could have ended the same way.

Either way, everyone needs to watch this master-fucking-piece, but until then, just tune in next week...