Cat Skin ★★★

A well-made non-dialogue narrative short, using gorgeous cinematography and a great score to explain a simple story.

4 slum kids wander Brazilian streets, each become enamored a cat that isn't there's, and try to steal it. One succeeds, but upon realizes that he would have to share food with the cat, and already living on scraps, he tearfully sells the cat to an adult in the slum.

Nothing special or powerful but a simplistic (and most likely over-simplistic) snapshot into class divides and relationships in 1960s Brazil.

Didn't feel overly long, as well, thanks to its great pacing and simple score that divided the characters into the way they are perceived by society (hand drums for the darker-skinned children, violins (if I remember correctly) for the rich lighter-skinned adults and marching music for the cop).