Unbreakable ★★★½

What a twist! As far as I know the second and last great Shyamalan twist, and yeah, it's good. Pretty contrived story (even within the fantasy world) but with great editing, soundtrack, cinematography, and some pretty good acting the scenes string along the movie alright without much feeling of downtime (but towards the beginningand middle it is pretty slow).

It's clear to me that Shyamalan got drunk on his own success, never being questioned even though his writing was never that good and could use a lot of improvement. It's not a bad movie, but we would maybe seen a whole different Shyamalan if he was given some criticism before he started to completely wreck his career.

This film also did a lot for establishing (before even the Raimi Spiderman trilogy) what a successful superhero movie would look like (tons of score, big twist at the end, an action sequence of saving the day towards the end, etc.)