Cruella ★★★★

Cruella is going to be a very polarizing film as many won’t be able to get past this different take on the character, but I loved it. I understand that many prefer Cruella to be a pure evil villain, but I am not attached enough to 101 Dalmatians for this to really bother me. This a fresh take on the character and shouldn’t really be viewed  as a prequel to the original film. 

The success of this film really is dependent upon this fresh take of Cruella, and if there is anybody who could’ve pulled it off, it’s Emma Stone. It’s definitely very different from the original Cruella, but it doesn’t feel like a disservice to the character. Stone gives a marvelous, masterful performance and is able to embody the over the topness of Cruella and the more emotional moments. She also plays off Emma Thompson perfectly who also gives a great performance. If you were mad about the decision to tone down the character of Cruella, you’ll be happy to see The Baroness who is just as ruthless, and is a fantastic villain. The side characters are also excellent, and add a lot of charm to the film.

Story wise this film can be very formulaic, using many of Disney’s cliches, but this is the only average part of the film. Everything else is so stylistic, and makes for a very unique film. The cinematography is so energetic and keeps the film constantly entertaining, even when the plot can feel a bit repetitive. The cinematography is complimented by magnificent costume design perfectly immersing you into the fashion realm. The soundtrack is perfect for the style the film is going for and adds to the unique atmosphere of the film. I can understand that these elements can be a bit too much for many, but I think these over the top elements are perfect for the character. 

While the film’s story is definitely nothing new, everything else is so stylistic and works so well. I was never bored during Cruella, and I had a lot of fun while also marveling at the fantastic visuals. 4/5

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