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This review may contain spoilers.

Adam Driver has never looked larger. Most of the movie is about the size of his hands. There’s point where he holds Baby Annette in his palm like Yorick’s skull in Hamlet or something. Shocked by how graceful Driver is as a performer despite being too big to fit through most doors without ducking.

I want to say that more movies need puppets interacting with real people. Baby Annette should have played Bobby in Mad Men. 

Some incredible visuals paired with moments that looked like a Georgio Armani ad. Sometimes those elements coexisted.

Honestly, the conceit is kind of classic enough that I’d see a non-musical version of it.

(Also, I appreciate that the movie indicates when it’s about to start by singing a song with the words “so may we start.” Ayo and I grabbed popcorn little late and walked in right then, so then I wasn’t worried that i missed anything, which would usually throw me off for the whole viewing experience. thanks Mael bros!)

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