Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★½

Guardians of the Galaxy is one of Marvel's best outings yet. It's the perfect blend of the Marvel we've come to know and love and an all-out sci-fi adventure. Director James Gunn put his all into this, and it shows.

First things first, this film was expertly cast. Chris Pratt was made for his role of Peter Quill- he totally owns it. Zoe Saldana does great as the mysterious assassin Gamora. Dave Bautista surprised me as Drax- really well done. Vin Diesel put a lot of emotion in to the three words he had as Groot, and last but not least...Bradley Cooper as Rocket Racoon. He stole the show for me- hilarious and ass-kicking, you can really tell how much fun Cooper had playing this awesome character.

The villains aren't the greatest thing ever, but that was okay because this was all about the forming of this team. Michael Rooker was great though- glad to see him in a bigger movie.

A few things to end on-
-This is one of the funniest summer blockbusters in a long time.
-The soundtrack is sooooo good.
-...and the end credits scene was both funny and left some questions that I know everyone will want to see get answered.

Marvel took a risk and I'm so glad they did- I absolutely adored GOTG. Now... BRING ON GOTG 2 IN 2017!

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