Notebook on Cities and Clothes

Notebook on Cities and Clothes ★★★★★

“Black is the conclusion of color...I am quite interested in that sense.” 

“There is no nationality in my clothing. It’s not for Japanese not for French not for American.”

“Perfect symmetry for me is ugly.”

Wim interprets and shows Yohji as an auteur of fashion. 

Very moving piece of work. Anyone that knows me will know that this movie is right in my heart’s sweet spot. A filmmaker I love making a film about my favorite clothing designer of all time shot by my favorite cinematographer of all time. Not to mention Wim brings up John Cassavetes in his narration. 🥵🥵

Yohji’s dedication to expressing his perception of the world is true and special. So many levels of tremendous love are encapsulated in this movie. Thoughtful, dedicated, inspired love.

Good stills

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