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  • The Souvenir

    The Souvenir

    It's like they really wanted to reinforce the stereotype that British stuff is so cringey and hard to watch but there just might be something really special underneath if you can sit through it without vomiting.

  • Transit



    A WW2 story set in the present. The story is Casablanca as written by Sartre, and it really is an exceptional piece of writing, grades above Casablanca, but the dialogue isn't quite as stylish or polished. Franz Rogowski is terrific as well.

    Then why do they set it in the present? The movie begs to be a period piece. The plot requires it, and it bewilders you to watch. That schism is intentional (as can be notably seen by the…

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  • Midsommar



    Somebody call Sweden. Tell them DO NOT tear down the sets. Tell them we are opening a Midsommar themed summer camp. Tell them I don't care what happens. I need to sleep in the bunkhouse. I need to pee on the ancestors. I need to take drugs and dance all day. I need to jump off the cliff (good place for a swimming pool)

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    Adam Sandler: *sobbing into girlfriend's fresh ass tattoo* "I don't deserve this!"

    Me: *holding back tears* "I don't think I've ever loved anyone that much"