ghosts on film and outside my house: a story

i made this list to try and think about something (anything) other than what's been on my mind lately.

it's been storming a lot. which is something i don't usually mind. there is something calming about the electric pull of the air, especially early in the spring. it feels dangerous, but in a way that no harm can come of it.

it was last week's storm that brought her. i've seen her twice since then. april showers and all that. btw, is her the right word? is that accurate? do spirits have gender? ha

i guess this is a list of ghost films? like the best ones? i started with A Ghost Story, because i think it's the sweetest haunting…

  • A Ghost Story
  • The Innkeepers
  • The Shining
  • The Uninvited
  • Grave Encounters