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  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    1917 calls itself a one-cut movie... this went from an Ethiopian mine to the inside of a Jew’s rectum in a single sequence. Beat that

  • Climax



    Felt like I was gonna vomit but it was good vomit

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  • Dominion



    Dominion was created with the single purpose of turning meat-eaters into vegetarians and vegans.

    Delforce failed immediately with the idea that showing exactly 2 hours of the same graphic footage would instigate real change. When what are individually powerful videos pass by, almost unnoticed, one by one.

    Much like the real-world convincing us that the consumption of other species' flesh is acceptable, this documentary gradually desensitises the viewer to the suffering of these animals.

    Dominion creates a macerator which, rather…

  • Tenet



    For a guy armed with one word he sure doesn’t say it much