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  • The Defiant Ones

    The Defiant Ones


    Obvious obfuscation and many subtle hints for conspiracists. The music industry is insane, particularly post 1970 and PARTICULARLY PARTICULARLY post 1980. It’s hard to grapple with this bizarre tight-knit industry, an industry with many vested interests which extend higher into politics than Hollywood ever dare imagine. Interecope particulalry has some pretty heinous theories lobbed against it, particularly around the way it raises and moulds artists from such a young age. It’s a gnarly rabbit hole, and this short documentary both…

  • Ingrid Goes West

    Ingrid Goes West


    The youth of today are openly used and abused in this cruel social experiment. 13 reasons why? I can give you at least 1300. 

    Witnessing complete, brutal, and deep psychological excavation and defragmentation. Torn apart until nothing remains. Isolationist, fear-based living with an egoist hyperfocus. Dissonant harmonies abound in these grandiose visions of faked digital self-worth, conflicting against our acute awareness of individual worthlessness in the wider patchwork of this perceived physical reality.

    We are accelerating faster and faster toward an inevitable end and I too am finished; I feel like I no longer wish to live in this world.

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  • Radiohead: In Rainbows – From The Basement

    Radiohead: In Rainbows – From The Basement


    There's this bit where Johnny Greenwood is wearing a yellow polo shaking a yellow lemon shaker like it's the most important task in the world. Obviously it is. And this ain't even remotely the films best part.

  • Drive



    For too long I thought that this wasn't perfect (I'm scared of bandwagons). But it's actually kinda perfect.