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  • Kanye West: Late Orchestration

    Kanye West: Late Orchestration


    Kanye: "I don't want to mess up my DVD."


  • Amazon Women on the Moon

    Amazon Women on the Moon


    A brilliant hodgepodge of ideas affectionately thrown together to give the impression of flicking channels on an old TV. Loved the idea a little more than the execution, but there's no doubt that I was completely entertained throughout. My attention span is best suited to a movie like this, and I appreciate that that's acknowledged at the start.

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  • Drive



    For too long I thought that this wasn't perfect (I'm scared of bandwagons). But it's actually kinda perfect.

  • Dead Leaves

    Dead Leaves


    My fellow Letterboxd users' comments "too-octane", "pouring bleach into eyes" and "cocaine laced" are all extremely accurate but frustratingly used in a derogatory sence. I watched this film and wasn't bored once. The complexities of the animation! Constantly bouncing and cutting disallowing intense focus, the joys multiple, the gags hilarious.

    I was reminded of Ren and Stimpy, strangely enough. There was that sick humour (taken to extremes here - complete with implied rape, Battle Royale type gore, a giant drill…