Silent Running ★★½

This is perhaps the first ever film in one of my favorite narrative sub-genres, and is inventing it as it goes. No no not the isolation space thriller, no no not the post-apocalyptic sci-fi, one of my other favorites: The post-sixties movement film. But this film, released on January 1, 1971, was released before the sixties (as a political/social moment) were actually over! So it’s picking up on psychic and political trends around the collapse of the 60s just as they are beginning to come to fruition, which means it's a sci-fi that is actually a spookily accurate reading of things to come. Cool!

If you want to see incredibly cute robots, amazing set and costume design, and hippies turning into Silicon Valley Libertarian bros in real time this movie is great! However it's so slow it could put a meth head to sleep.