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Favorite films

  • Eyes Wide Shut
  • A.I. Artificial Intelligence
  • Mountains May Depart
  • Interstellar

Recent activity

  • Only God Forgives


  • Everybody Knows


  • Eternals


  • Juliet of the Spirits


Recent reviews

  • Only God Forgives

    Only God Forgives

    refn taking on the exercise of trying to find non-brechtian answers to the perilous question of how to emote, both in the act of modern socioemotional perception, and when reckoning with that perception's generally exploitative and oedipal roots. this needs to lean as hard into the aesthetic as possible to work and succeeds more often than not. good movie. should have been a tv show though.

  • Everybody Knows

    Everybody Knows

    everybody repressing labyrinthine and destabilizing rationalization hamster wheels in overexposed images with no depth and almost complete airtight insularity is actually a pretty good representation of contemporary first world life.

Popular reviews

  • Tenet



    the world as both already imbued with the material properties inherent to its creation and fundamentally, inescapably created by us. reversing causality doesn't escape it, but maybe an inability to perceive it expands the immanent plane of material possibilities in which it can get exerted. faith as the binding property behind the existence of agency: it's all only ever about what your tenets are.

  • A.I. Artificial Intelligence

    A.I. Artificial Intelligence


    weaponized sentimentality. emotions so strong that they tear a hole through the fabric of the universe. a connection that will last until the end of time.