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  • Deerskin



    "Sorry, but isn't your movie weird?"
    "It's not weird at all. It's amazing. You can't make sense of it now, but it rocks."

    One of those movies that makes you wish it was longer but also appreciate that it bowed out when it needed to due to the high level of absurd black comedy hijinks Jean Dujardin gets up to that escalate to surprising levels of extreme violence. His genuinely hilarious one liners and general characterization as a man going…

  • Mikey and Nicky

    Mikey and Nicky


    "YOU WAIT!!"

    Cassavetes is so good at playing a rightfully paranoid shithead it's almost like Nicky wants you to utterly hate him for his insufferable behavior and sudden decisions that one can only describe as utterly spur of the moment but he's right sometimes, only sometimes. Much like during a sudden late night visit to his estranged wife later on, you can't help but pitty the poor bastard for the visible fear and regret he tries and utterly fails to…

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  • The Chase

    The Chase


    Needed more Brando beating and roasting the everloving hell out of hateful racists instead of the other way around since it just became a bit infuriating but I see what this was doing, the lack of catharsis is felt and powerfully downbeat.

  • Dance with the Devil

    Dance with the Devil


    "Charly, make sure this baby gets a decent burial"
    -Agent Alex Cox being based and making sure synthetic fetuses get treated equally as normal ones

    Me: I want to share something with you, fellow user. It's my treasure...
    A letterboxd user I have held hostage: An extremely dated late 90s genre exercise in depravity? ....It looks interesting
    Me giving a death stare that pierces their soul: Interesting? When I first saw this film, I started looking for the answers to…

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  • Game of Death II

    Game of Death II

    Suck it you elitist pricks, this surreal martial arts mastapece is in the Criterion Collection now!

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    "Yer fond of me lobster aint' ye!?"

    You know I honestly thought Dafoe would come out of this looking the most unhinged but goddamn does Pattinson just go for broke gradually over the course of the film, his goofy Maine accent just slams (I should know, I have one) and the comical misfortunes that befall him gave me some of the biggest laughs of the year as well as the massive rants he and Dafoe rail on each other as…