From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn ★★★½

You have to be trying real hard not to have fun watching this movie.

(I saw this movie opening night, but it was right after both my children exploded in a submarine accident and I got some of their entrails embedded into my shirt. I must admit I was distracted, because, you know, my children exploded)

Did you wash your shirt or at least get a new one?

(No, I didn't think about it because, as previously stated, my children exploded on a submarine. You'd think it'd be instantaneous, but I heard my youngest screaming "I'm exploding!!!")

That's your problem right there. You should have changed your shirt, then you wouldn't have been so distracted from...what happened?

(My children exploded when a submarine exploded).

Next time that happens, change your shirt.

Anyway, the Tarantino screenplay, George Clooney's big screen debut, Salma Hayek, Cheech Marin's monologue, vampires, Tom Savini. No need to dissect it because it's a vampire movie. They don't get more diverting than this one.

(I suppose I should try seeing this again, because when I saw this the first time my children expl----)

Yeah, we know. You're kids exploded. Enough already with the fucking kids exploding.

From Dusk Til Dawn - A fun movie to watch, even AFTER your kids explode.

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