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  • Halloween II

    Halloween II


    Movie 31 in 31 Days of Horror 2020!!! I did it!!! I got this one in under the wire 🎃 hehehe

    Everyone is way too hard on this movie. People out here being like “Halloween III is actually the greatest movie ever made” and I think it’s also time we, collectively, agree that Halloween II is a good slasher movie. 

    Is it as good as the first? Nah. Is it a totally solid slasher movie? Absolutely. 

    The kills are all…

  • Halloween



    Movie 30 in 31 Days of Horror 2020

    No matter how many times I see this I always end up being like “oh man how long has Michael been in the background of this shot?!”

    Anyways, perfect movie and oh man it made me want popcorn so bad 🍿

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  • Hereditary



    Can you really call it a horror movie if only 20 minutes of the 130 minute run time is a horror?

    Another A24 bait-and-switch, much like It Comes At Night. Really it’s just a messed up family drama with 20 minutes of scary horror stuff. 

    I also found the horror elements to be very derivative of J-Horror, and there’s a scene at the end that’s straight out of The Witch. Plus, I’m pretty sure the message is that if your…

  • Pooka!



    If someone vomits a gallon of blood into someone’s face I have to give at least 3 stars I don’t make the rules