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  • The Shining

    The Shining


    I hadn’t sat down and watched this from start to finish in years, and yep still an impeccable movie 

    First time I’d watched this since reading the book a few years back too, and frankly if you’re a film bro who likes to shit on Stephen King for not liking an adaptation of his most personal work about his own battle with’re definitely the asshole. 

    The book is a masterpiece and the movie is a masterpiece, let’s all get along ✌🏻

  • Parasite



    I’ve joked before when I’ve felt out of place in “rich people” settings that it always seems like they can smell the poor on me, damn 

    Anyways I was so stressed for the entire duration of this movie which is the highest praise I can give it

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  • Hereditary



    Can you really call it a horror movie if only 20 minutes of the 130 minute run time is a horror?

    Another A24 bait-and-switch, much like It Comes At Night. Really it’s just a messed up family drama with 20 minutes of scary horror stuff. 

    I also found the horror elements to be very derivative of J-Horror, and there’s a scene at the end that’s straight out of The Witch. Plus, I’m pretty sure the message is that if your…

  • Pooka!



    If someone vomits a gallon of blood into someone’s face I have to give at least 3 stars I don’t make the rules