Hereditary ★★★

Can you really call it a horror movie if only 20 minutes of the 130 minute run time is a horror?

Another A24 bait-and-switch, much like It Comes At Night. Really it’s just a messed up family drama with 20 minutes of scary horror stuff. 

I also found the horror elements to be very derivative of J-Horror, and there’s a scene at the end that’s straight out of The Witch. Plus, I’m pretty sure the message is that if your mother suffers from mental illness you’re doomed to ruin your own family too 🤔

Anyways it’s still very well made and Toni Collette is great. The actor who plays the son, Alex Wolff, is also great. It’s a good movie with a lot to like, I just thought it couldn’t quite pick what kind of movie it wanted to be and therefore never really committed either way.

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