The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

You are excrement. You can change yourself into gold. 

An anti-religious, anti-capitalist film where instead of turning water into wine, Jesus a.k.a the thief, takes a dump inside a massive egg shape flask. Then the alchemist distills his shit and turns it into gold while a naked tatted woman plays the cello in the background. 
Don’t let them know your next move Jodorowsky!

The Holy Mountain utilizes the shocking imagery of exploitation cinema to subvert religious iconography. Like zooming into a section of a Hieronymus Bosch painting. I just know I wouldn’t able to cover even a quarter of the symbolisms in this review cause it has more layers than a Canadian in Alberta winter. 

But a couple moments stood out to me. 
The first 10 minutes alone follows a Jesus figure, Laying flat inside a crucifix mold. People dressed up as shirtless Roman guards pour loads of pig fat into the mold, producing stacks of his wax replicas. Like a mass produced item ready to be shipped on AliExpress. 

This is followed by a scene where lizards are dressed up in bright feathered garments while frogs wore uniforms of Spanish Conquistadors with a cross logo on their backs. The scene cuts to a bloodbath. Blood comes pouring down from the top of a miniature Mayan Temple while the frogs colonize these lizards. 

Again, this whole film is packed with heavy biblical symbolisms. There’s a point where a bunch of women wearing black see-through tops come out of the church, lining up as if they’re in the red-light district. Checking you up and down with that maldita side-eye like Rosalia. One of them is literally a child, approached by a gross old man. He proceeds to kiss her hand and gives her his fake eye. 

I honestly could go on and on about this film. It’s thought provoking and repulsive at the same time. I watched this three times now and had to get a copy of it on DVD. Even then, I keep decoding new meanings and catching Jodorowsksy’s meticulous thought process. 
I wouldn’t recommend this to an average viewer as it is provocatively overwhelming. 


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