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  • Ip Man: The Final Fight

    Ip Man: The Final Fight



    Folk Heroes are such huge figures of Chinese culture that to western eyes it may look like the milking of a particularly bounteous cash cow, look at Wong Fei Hung & Fong Sai-Yuk – between them we are looking at hundreds of titles. Both of those figures date back hundreds upon hundreds of years, with the two of them forming a significant backbone to the historical martial arts film. In recent years there has been…

  • The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

    The Bird with the Crystal Plumage



    Ennio Morricone has gone down as one of the greatest composers in modern history, from his work to Sergio Leone, to his collaborations with Elio Petri (Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion) and here with Argento, the broadness of styles he consumes into his soundscapes is beyond compare. Here he uses subtle but broody instrumentation to set up the unease of the skulking killer and he offsets that with arrhythmic jazz drumming, a ploy…

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  • It Follows

    It Follows


    A pseudo-slasher that takes an incredibly simple premise and gets a great deal of mileage out of it thanks to a knowledgeable and witty script drenched in the meta. The film cranks up the atmosphere and tension beautifully making the eventual emergence of just some guy or girl (sometimes in a state of undress) gloriously creepy. This finely tuned atmosphere and anticipation is worth a million jump scare predicated horror bores. All of this is topped up with flowing cinematography and brooding score by Disasterpeace. That score - well, they are clearly just showing off, aren't they?

  • Django



    As a genre, the Western is a major weakness, so I am going to be challenging that weakness and potentially turn it into a bit more of a strength. I am starting with the alpha spaghetti, Sergio Corbucci's Django starring Franco Nero.

    The first scene and final scene, both scored by an excellent character theme, are worth the price of admission alone. As the film opens, Nero's hidden away under layers of clothes and muck yet still manages to look…