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  • Sunset Boulevard

    Sunset Boulevard


    Part of 30 countries 2018: (11/30) USA

    Been on my list of shame for years this. Feel a bit foolish overlooking this for so long now. Sunset Boulevard is the final answer in Hollywood noir and an unquestionable masterpiece. I just don't think it is Billy Wilder's masterpiece, for my money Ace in the Hole is his best work - especially with how prescient it has become. Back to Sunset Boulevard though, it is 2/3rds of a perfect movie with…

  • Blade of the Ripper

    Blade of the Ripper


    Part of 30 countries 2018: (10/30) Italy.

    Blade of the Ripper is such a bad name for such a characterful movie, it basically overlooks all of its personality instead dropping on it a moniker that you would expect in some nondescript dime store dirt-bag slasher. Ignoring the generic title, this Martino Giallo isn't quite as revelatory as my first movie of his - Your Vice is a locked room... all the same, it isn't too far behind.

    Like your vice…

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  • It Follows

    It Follows


    A pseudo-slasher that takes an incredibly simple premise and gets a great deal of mileage out of it thanks to a knowledgeable and witty script drenched in the meta. The film cranks up the atmosphere and tension beautifully making the eventual emergence of just some guy or girl (sometimes in a state of undress) gloriously creepy. This finely tuned atmosphere and anticipation is worth a million jump scare predicated horror bores. All of this is topped up with flowing cinematography and brooding score by Disasterpeace. That score - well, they are clearly just showing off, aren't they?

  • Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key

    Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key


    2018 Cult Movie Challenge - Week 5 - Giallo Week

    Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key. That title is amazing and this is pretty much a case of instantly becoming a fan of its director, Sergio Martino. The score by Bruno Nicolai is chock full of harpsichord gold, and its cinematography is as gorgeous as any other golden era Giallo, of which, there is one shot that knocked my socks clean off. Someone is…