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  • The Avenging Eagle

    The Avenging Eagle


    Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Gordon Liu and Bruce Lee. When it comes to martial arts cinema, the focus always falls on the shoulders of those 6 aforementioned legends, and that is a real disappointment as there was a whole industry hiding in their shadows. That's the issue with popularity though, popularity at the expense of people who are equally talented. That is the exact same issue with auteur theory, a film is a collaborative process and…

  • Antiporno



    Nikkatsu wanted to revive the Roman Porno, which is a fair enough aspiration, but let's be honest they really shouldn't have asked Sion Sono to be involved. While it would be best to make sure that no-one walked in on you watching this, there are plenty of scenes that would be impossible to explain, it also continues Sono's punk streak.

    Antiporno is both an exploitative roman porno and a massive middle finger to the industry that bore such sleazy fruit.…

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  • It Follows

    It Follows


    A pseudo-slasher that takes an incredibly simple premise and gets a great deal of mileage out of it thanks to a knowledgeable and witty script drenched in the meta. The film cranks up the atmosphere and tension beautifully making the eventual emergence of just some guy or girl (sometimes in a state of undress) gloriously creepy. This finely tuned atmosphere and anticipation is worth a million jump scare predicated horror bores. All of this is topped up with flowing cinematography and brooding score by Disasterpeace. That score - well, they are clearly just showing off, aren't they?

  • Encounters of the Spooky Kind

    Encounters of the Spooky Kind


    The VVitch would have been a completely different film if it took its cues from this Witchcraft - there would have been more lasers, monkey kung fu, hopping vampires and mystic mumbling. It also would've ended with Ralph Ineson gut-punching Kate Dickie 6 times before freeze-framing into the credits. Another thought occurred to me too, perhaps this is an origin story for Sammo's insane beard man character from Tsui Hark's Zu Warriors and the Magic Mountain.

    Jokes aside, this is…