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  • Insidious



    New Episode of Directors Uncut is LIVE

    This time around, I could process the way Wan puts together his jump scares more. And he is masterful at anticipation - the alarm bit, in particular, is *chefs kiss*. In the second half when it switches tone, Insidious loses a lot of people, but not me. See, Insidious is a stealth campy comedy horror. That final sequence in the further especially is prime weird, and the paranormal investigators are absolute comedy creations. Still don't like that it became a franchise, but in and of itself I have a real soft spot for this iteration of Insidious.

  • Saw



    New Episode of Directors Uncut is LIVE

    Yes, I have now seen Saw. To my defence though, I was never interested and only watched it because it came up for the podcast. Glad I have now checked it off though as it's a grim riff on the style of grizzly detective murder mystery that was mastered in Se7en, and I really like that sort of thing. That aspect of the mystery and the characterisation see saw at its most vital, the trap element I couldn't really care less about. So how much further I go into this series - *shrugs shoulders*.

Popular reviews

  • The Story of Yonosuke

    The Story of Yonosuke


    Yonosuke is compared to Forest Gump, unfairly, for one A Story of Yonosuke is a good film and not one of the most over-rated movies OF ALL TIME. Yeah, that's right - I said it.

    Director Shûichi Okita emerged with the lovely Woodsman & the Rain, a movie about film-making and people. His follow-up continues on those themes of relationships and storytelling with A Story of Yonosuke having 4 people who knew the titular character (Kengo Kôra) recalling how their lives…

  • Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key

    Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key


    Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key. That title is amazing and this is pretty much a case of instantly becoming a fan of its director, Sergio Martino. The score by Bruno Nicolai is chock full of harpsichord gold, and its cinematography is as gorgeous as any other golden era Giallo, of which, there is one shot that knocked my socks clean off. Someone is killed on a staircase and as she is being dragged…