Alien: Covenant

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Finally, the Alien Franchise has its Rogue One. That is to say, a movie that answers a question that nobody bloody asked. Nobody watched Alien or Aliens and asked, "oooh I wonder what those aliens are and where they come from". No, they thought, "fuck that bitey fella is a bit scary". Not everything needs a god damned origin story.

I really bloody hated it, Covenant cannibalizes that which preceded it and turns it into a trope reliant franchise film in a series that sought to use a different genre in each new film. This is basically a total remake of Prometheus with the addition of a scene aboard the spaceship that closed the film out with the most remarkably condescending plot twist seen in years. Prometheus did this too, but I gave it a pass on account of it being completely different to all the other films in the canon - yet this is Prometheus mark 2: this time we'll explain it slowly and loudly.

Urgh... it's been a while since a movie has made me as angry as this. So thank you, Ridley Fucking Scott, thank you very much.

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