Night of the Comet ★★★★

Night of the Comets is a 1980s movie with a capital MULLET, the style of this picture is defined by the style of that era, with a flamboyant synth pop score that saturates the movie. The basic set-up is that there is a comet heading for earth, the very same comet that wiped dinosaurs out millions of years ago. Just like the sky which is scarred red, anybody who has eye contact with the comet is turned to red dust and the people who are lucky enough to survive slowly dry out, with their body language and brain activity relegating them to mere zombies.

As per the course for end of the world picture, the only survivors are the nastiest members of humanity, a secret society and our heroes. Only our two heroes are teenage girls who are completely unfazed by the doomsday, instead of worrying about the future or mankind they talk about boys, take over the local radio station and try on clothes at the new mall. As a genre antithesis this could be viewed as nothing other than an unlikely comedy. It’s not shot like a comedy or a horror, yet Night of the Comet is both. Director Thom E. Eberhardt had a history of social-issue documentaries; as such it is abundantly clear that he is being satirical by presenting a sincerely interesting and funny take on the apocalypse sub-genre which becomes adorably vacuous through its creative decisions.

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