Sexy Killer: You'll Die for Her ★½

Herein lies the perils of clickbaity websites like taste of cinema. I don't know whether it was on there, or den of geek or some such website, but I became aware of Sexy Killer through some list titled 'best comedy horror's that you have never seen'. Sometimes there is a reason why you haven't seen the inclusions on said lists.

On paper, Sexy Killer is great. A fourth wall breaking beautiful Spaniard woman kills people across her university, then with about 30 minutes to spare a machine is introduced that turns all the murder victims into zombies who are out for their murderer's blood. And the longer the reanimated stay alive the more they succumb to the natural order of zombiedom.

On paper, Sexy Killer has a lot to give, in reality, it was insufferable. The lead character was never less than annoying. The pacing a mess, the tone-tone deaf. It was neither entertaining nor funny. It barely functioned as a horror and just because the character is self-aware it doesn't make them funny. Deadpool alone proves that theory. Like Deadpool's sequel, this too attempts to court some sort of emotional resonance only through the medium of melodrama.

In a lot of ways, the film reminds me a lot of Iron Sky. Both are ambitious low-budget genre fair that are great achievements on a technical level (especially gore in SK), but beyond that, they are both self-satisfied and ever-so tedious. The very idea that this counts among the best comedy horrors I have never seen is laughable.