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  • Millennium Actress

    Millennium Actress


    I tend to find that Son has a tendency to massively complicated relatively straightforward stories. To the point that I don't really know what's going on. The thing is, I'm fairly well-versed in Japanese cinema too, and got a lot of the references a meaning. But was still generally lost due to the storytelling.

    Looks great though.

  • Se7en



    An absolute stone cold classic, obviously. And the first film for discussion on the new Weekend at Crombie's spinoff podcast, Weekend at Crombie's 2: The Legend of Crombie's Gold.

    This podcast looks at the work of one director across four decades of their work - one film per decade. The director for 2021 is David Fincher.

    Look out for the podcast, releasing soon and then quarterly.

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  • Sing Street

    Sing Street

    Hugely disappointing follow up to Carney's brilliant Once, and diverting Begin Again. I have four main issues with this film:

    1). The main actor is horribly miscast - I wanted to watch a film about his brother, or his other band-mates more than him - the pretentious, pious arse.

    2). The film begins well - its funny and I was settling in for a sweet, simple story about the minutiae of growing pains. Very quickly, the film abandons any interest…

  • Scribe



    A 70s style thriller in the same vein (but not the same class) as The Conversation. The first half an hour set up an interesting premise, with some nice visuals - transcribing audio recordings of political discussions the main protagonist thinks he hears something more sinister.

    Unfortunately it takes a very uninspiring path - and moves away from the claustrophobia of the transcribing into fairly bog standard (and with a distinct lack of internal logic) thriller fare.