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  • Zootopia



    Not quite the adventure story I had remembered on second viewing. Slightly stodgy storytelling, and lacks a bit of punch. Still, the three year old I watched it with was enraptured. So that's good.

  • Joker



    The first and last thirds of Joker are dynamite cinema. Crackling and angry, misanthropic but with an interesting quasi-anti-capitalist bent - so rare in big budget multiplex fare. The middle third is utter dirge though - weighed down too heavily in the need to build around the Batman mythopoesis.

    Through it all, Joaquin Phoenix is mesmeric. He absolutely nails the performance and is completely worth his Oscar.

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  • Sing Street

    Sing Street

    Hugely disappointing follow up to Carney's brilliant Once, and diverting Begin Again. I have four main issues with this film:

    1). The main actor is horribly miscast - I wanted to watch a film about his brother, or his other band-mates more than him - the pretentious, pious arse.

    2). The film begins well - its funny and I was settling in for a sweet, simple story about the minutiae of growing pains. Very quickly, the film abandons any interest…

  • A Dog's Will

    A Dog's Will


    The oddest entry in the Letterboxd top 250 films? And as of 25th May 2020 at number 8, no less.


    I thoroughly enjoyed it. I laughed consistently even though it has one of the weirdest rhythms to a film I can remember. You're not really ever introduced to any of the characters, you're just dropped in seemingly at random. After a while, when you've got your bearings, and you merge into its traffic it sweeps you along nicely.