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Very very few directors have an even remotely similar level of mastery with the camera that Gallo holds here in this film. I can't believe I've never paid full attention to it before, but every piece of camerawork in this film is utterly divine. Some wonderful examples being the beautiful slow dolly which introduces Ricci to the film, or the elegant truck left and right through the restaurant where we see Gallo and Ricci enter, sit down, truck right to the waiter, continues as we follow the waiter walk away, enter Wendy Balsalm and her husband. As well each piece of handheld photography combined with his playfully use of focus makes for some of the most powerful and effective filmmaking I've ever seen. That bathroom scene (not the first one lol) kill me.

His gradually decreasing vocal inflexions and posture sell his patheticisms well. The pure level of detail infused into each moment, setting, or random background detail such as his mom yelling, "get up off the street you're nothing", or a sign in the background reading "share your life", or when the pivotal decision in the film is made the camera pans down to reveal one of the strippers wearing a sparkly high heel. Its not the most meaningful but its fun cute and exciting stuff like that which makes movies fun. Especially when its presented as earnestly as this. This film is so original, so inventive, so important, so inspirational, so experimental, it means everything to me. I feel this film in my heart.

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