Favorite films

  • The Dark Knight
  • Zodiac
  • There Will Be Blood
  • Call Me by Your Name

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  • The Hand of God


  • Lost in Translation


  • The White Sheik


  • Nights of Cabiria


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  • The Batman

    The Batman


    Still holds up on the second watch

  • The Little Things

    The Little Things


    Good that they made clear what the name of the film reffers to by having Denzel say not once, but TWICE "It's the little things Jimmy, little things". Otherwise I would have zero clue honestly. Also Jared Leto just as himself and my boy Rami not knowing how to act like a normal person lmao.

    P.S. Whoever edited this doesn't give a fuck

Popular reviews

  • Killer Joe

    Killer Joe


    Matthew McConaughey cuckolds Sandman by having an orgasm through a KFC chicken leg.

  • Hostiles



    Beautiful neo-western piece with dark thematics. Even got me a little emotional, which is not common. Christian Bale nails his performance, characters felt authentic. This is a real bucket of catharsis if you're looking for some.