Little Evil ★★★½

It's difficult to have to follow up TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL, but Eli Craig applies a similar spoof-but-with-love formula to THE OMEN and other child-as-antichrist stories, resulting in LITTLE EVIL. For the first hour, I thought this was pretty okay; funny but without the same punch as T&DvsE and a little too predictable. But the last half hour really turns it around and retroactively redeems the whole movie. I ended up watching it again on Sunday and found the first hour way funnier knowing how it turned out. Adam Scott is pitch perfect as a stepdad dealing with a new stepson who appears to be evil incarnate. It's not as laugh-out-loud funny as T&DvsE, but it still has the same warmth, turning worn out tropes of characters into real people. While not as hilarious, there are still a number of great gags and lines ("Top of the dick chain"). LITTLE EVIL also pulled off something I never expected: it made me love Bridget Everett, who is among a pretty great supporting cast, but is easily the best.